Discovering Lit Discovers the Strip District Virtually

Mrs. Bocci's Discovering Literature 6 classes did a really creative activity after reading Macaroni Boy by Katherine Ayers.   The book takes place in Pittsburgh's Strip District during the Great Depression.  The main character, Mike Costa, struggles with being bullied by another kid at school.   His Grandpap is also struggling with symptoms of dementia.  By using the scientific method, Mike determines that the cause of his dementia is heavy metal poisoning from eating too many catfish from the river.   There are many amazing topics from the story such as the hobo struggles to find work, the Great Depression, the famous banana factory explosion, and the rich cultural contributions to the area known as the Strip District.  The class was scheduled to take a field trip to the Strip this week with the Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation.  Unfortunately due to the virus, they were not able, so Mrs. Bocci created a virtual Strip District Tour highlighting the places they would have visited.